#1 - Don’t set an unrealistic goal/know your capabilities

 “Anything is possibleeeeee!” Until you tell yourself you want to make ten million dollars in one year with no real plan or know how. Aim high but don’t let the unrealism of your goal make you feel like it’s unattainable and eventually succumb to the lack of realism. If your goal is too big and you don’t progress as fast as you want to you will start to become discouraged. Even though you’re progressing, which is always a good thing. You may in fact start to throw in the towel. Have some level of practicality. On the same token don’t set goals that are too easy or take a very minimum amount of effort to maintain. If a goal is too easy you will get used to achieving easy victories with no real amount of effort needed and fail later on down the road when things get tougher. Look at it this way, in our eyes it’s better to fail at something reasonable giving it 100% rather than achieve something lesser that only requires 50%.


#2 - Write it down

 Whether you put it in your Iphone notes, calendar, bulletin board, on your refrigerator, or written down on your hand WRITE IT DOWN. A lot of successful people have accredited some of their small successes based on the simple principle of writing things down. When you write your goal down it’s no longer just a thought in your head. It’s now a word, phrase, or sentence written in ink. It turns thin air into an actual physical entity put on paper. It makes your goal or resolution seem that much more realistic and that much more attainable.


#3 - Tell one of your closest friends/family members about it

 The best way to stick to your plan is to have someone know your plan. If you’re goal or resolution is a secret the chances of it coming to fruition are slim. Put someone in charge of asking you once, twice, or even three times a week (however many times it takes) what you did in order to move closer to your goal. The fact that not only you but someone you know is pushing you to accomplish something will surely hold you more accountable or at least remind you to get going every now and again when it's needed!