Fitness should be a part of everyones life. Coming from someone whos been really involved with it my entire life youre probably thinking “that’s easy for you to say”. The truth is, you’re right. However the only reason that’s easy for me to say is because I’ve made time for it to be a part of my life, and I have never surrendered my health and well being to poor excuses. No matter what your age is or what your job is there is ALWAYS time to include fitness in your everyday regimen. Everyone has the same 24 hours and there are no excuses as to why you can’t work out at least 4–5 times a week. Whether it’s a full body work out, just cardio, just ab exercises, or all three together. Everyone has at least 45 to 60 minutes where they can manage to exercise in some kind of way. The only thing holding most people back is how badly they really want to make changes and see progress in their overall body shape and funtction. Everyone knows that working out is healthy and they know just as well that neglecting physical activity and not exercising is not. So why is it that people tend to make excuses and forget about physical fitness? It’s simple, the reason isn’t that their “too busy” and that they “don’t have the time” it’s actually quite the opposite. The reason is because they are lazy. They think that it would require too much time and energy to get to the gym and there’s not enough hours in the day to pick up weights or hop on a treadmill after a “long work day”. However these same people get home from a long work day and proceed to have dinner, take a shower, and then make themselves a non healthy snack that they can eat as they watch their favorite tv show for an hour or two. Really? That’s how much we value fitness these days? It’s sad that that’s what it has come to. However it’s never to late to turn things around. How about we go right from work to the gym, or how about we go to bed an hour or two earlier so we can wake up in time to hit the gym early. Then after being productive we can go to work. Its as simple as that. All it takes is the eradication of excuses and a slight adjustment to change your life permanently.


If you as an individual refuse to change what’s going to happen when in 5–10 years you go to the doctor and they tell you you have become diagnosed with onset heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or any other life threatening disease? Then will you continue to sit on the couch and ignore the gym? No. Then you will do whatever it takes to get the gym and exercise because you know damn well that if you don’t your life could be over. So don’t let it come to that. Change that. Start exercising now.


Physical fitness is and always will be a necessary part of everyones life, whether or not it’s your passion or just something you force yourself to look at as a neccessity. Similiar to eating, drinking, and sleeping fitness should be held to the same degree of importance. Why is that? Other than the fact that thousands of diseases can be caused by poor health and a sedentary lifestyle there are other important reasons. Other than it being factually more beneficial to our bodies it has also been a part of humans lives for centuries. Take a look back upon civilizations such as the Spartans who existed way back as early as 371 B.C., they valued fitness to the point where they would kill the children who didn’t pass fitness tests. They did this because they realized how special it was to be physically fit. Was this wrong and an extreme based upon cultural standards today? Yes one hundred percent yes. However back then they knew that if the kids were’nt fit and went into battle when they were older they would die anyway due to the lack of being fit. They only accepted the best of the best. Now that is an absurd example of the intense importance of physical fitness but now you understand just how highly regarded it was once upon a time. While we should never take it as seriously as they did we should still hold ourselves accountable.


We need to start valuing health and fitness as much as value other things in our lives. Now a days we value things more like money, extra sleep, netlflix, unhealthy diets, and alcohol consumption more than we do getting in the gym for an hour a day. There’s a reason the The United States is the most obese country in North America with 33% of its population having a body max index of over 30.0. That reason is because we’ve lost sight of what’s important. We need to keep encouraging people to get in the gym and put the remote down so that we can change and even hopefully reverse the epidemic that is obesity. We need to stop saying “I don’t have the time” and take the hour of tv or Netflix away so we can instead exercise our bodies and minds further. That way we can prevent diseases and live a long, healthy, and happy lifestyle.


No. Excuses. Get up and get to the gym!