Qualities To Look For In A Personal Trainer

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Qualities To Look For In A Personal Trainer

When Joe and I opened our doors a little over a year ago we quickly understood that we would have to differentiate ourselves to stand out among a very competitive market of Personal Trainers. We knew that if our clients didn’t see results they wouldn’t be around very long, and therefor we wouldn’t be either. We saw other trainers that just didn’t seem to care about their clients results because maybe they were treating training as just a job, getting paid a small wage per hour. We knew we could do it better right from the start. Though by any professional standards we are still considered “new” to the industry, we have stood by 4 main qualities that have allowed us to give the very best to our clients to maximize their results. This blog is not meant to be arrogant or to say that we are the best trainers around, rather it is just to say that these qualities that we have embodied over the last year have seemed to not only make a difference in our business, but they have been the foundation behind getting our clients results as efficiently as possible.


Always Over Deliver

This has been the philosophy from day one. We knew that in an industry as competitive as the fitness industry we would have to slowly carve out a space in the market for our service. When we first opened we would charge a fraction of what we charge now for training, but even as we raised our prices over the year we always made sure that our clients felt like they were getting more than what they were paying for. We always charged for the hour of training, that’s it. Nutrition programs, off day workout programs, mobility and flexibility routines to be done at home, constant text message support, have always been given to our clients at no extra charge.



A huge part of weight loss is getting our clients to be able to see a better version of themselves before that becomes their reality. We think it is important to be able to constantly inspire and motivate our clients so that they keep going. Weight loss is not something that happens overnight and requires constant focus on the end goal. Throughout the workout we are always trying to push our clients further than they would push themselves, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment and determination to stay on track with their goals.


Always Learning and Getting Better

This is a big one. Yes we know how to get our clients to lose weight. We know a great deal about the style of training and nutrition that is optimal for weight loss. However, that does not mean we just stop learning new material. The world of health, nutrition and fitness is always evolving and as new research comes out it is important that we are informed about new discoveries, methods, techniques, etc. We are always studying, learning, growing, building our knowledge base to make sure our clients get the best from us. It’s books, podcasts, scientific studies, videos, articles, papers, seminars and it never stops. Over the last year we have added so much to our repertoire and as we grew to be better, more knowledgeable trainers, our clients got better results. Funny how that works. We have committed to constant growth and furthering our understanding of our industry because it’s what we love to do!


Practice What You Preach

Something that is often overlooked is that a trainer should practice what they preach. Our team believes in this so much because health and fitness is our lives and we really do live it 24/7/365! Tina’s real life weight loss story inspires so many people because she actually went through and achieved what many of our clients are after. We are not here to just put our clients through a workout. We are here to inform our clients, hold them accountable, motivate them and get them results because that’s what we do for ourselves every single day. I would feel guilty if I told my client to do something that I wouldn’t do. So when we tell our clients to eat a certain way its because we eat that way and have gotten results. When we tell our clients to go through a training circuit, we have designed that circuit because it has been effective for each of us. When we train, each session is fueled by our passion and we hope that our clients see that and use it to work harder and stay on track!


Weight loss is hard, it’s emotional, and requires a complete lifestyle change for most people. As trainers, our experience going through the same exact feelings and emotions at one time in our lives is what makes our clients able to relate to us and see themselves reach their goals. We believe that a personal trainer is much more than someone that puts someone through a workout. We are here as a support system, a friend, a motivator, and a knowledge base. We want to see our clients through their whole journey and whatever we can do to optimize our clients results we will do it! There are plenty of great trainers out there, but please consider these traits if you or someone you know is looking for a personal trainer, because you are going to need someone that can do more than put you through a good workout!