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Should You Choose Real Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?   This is a highly debated topic in today’s world of health and wellness. There is still much research to be done and many of the affects of these artificial sweeteners remain unknown. What we do know is that the most used artificial sweeteners deliver a psychological response to our brains that is between 150 and 1000 times anything that can be found in nature like sucrose or fructose naturally occurring in fruit. To me, that fact alone is enough to assume these products are unsafe and not a long term solution...

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  Bread, Pasta, Rice, Grains, Beans, Corn, Dairy. All of these foods have been consumed by many different cultures for thousands of years, how could they be bad for us? When we look to the past we see that many different cultures have been eating foods that just flat out are not good for us. Our brains have a way of justifying things to make us feel better about ourselves so when we don’t want to do something that’s difficult like changing the way we eat we look for excuses. One of the objections I hear all the time is,”[insert...

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