Specialized Training Program

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Training Program based on current body statistics, fitness level, experience and desired goals. You Choose (or a combination):

- Weight Loss

- Strength 

- Flexibility/Mobility

- Weight Gain (Body Building)

- Power Lifting (Olympic Lifts)

- Firming/Toning

- Athletic Performance 

-Lean Muscle Mass

You receive:

-Training Program specific to your goals, after consultation of current fitness level and body statistics.

-Constant text message support and check ins once a week on Skype. 

Following the Purchase of our Specialized Training Program you will receive an email (to the address provided at checkout) with a questionnaire that you will have to complete. Send back the completed questionnaire to our email and you will receive your Specialized Training Program within 3 business days. 

Please note this is a monthly Subscription. You will be charge the $59.99 on the same day of each month unless you contact us to cancel. Contact to cancel at any time and you will not be charged again. For more information on our refund policy please see our terms and conditions.