About us


Why Us?

We are a Personal Training Facility located at 165 Memorial Drive in Shrewsbury, MA! If you are local, come on down for a free consultation! You may know us as AdvantEdge Fitness, but after a little over a year in business we have decided to change the name of our studio from AdvantEdge Fitness to MVNU Training! As AdvantEdge Fitness, we learned a lot about what does and doesn't work for our clients. Our goal with the name change is to have a name the better exemplifies what we specialize in and what has given our clients the best results in the most efficient manor. At MVNU Training, we focus on two pillars of improving the quality of life of our clients: Proper Movement and Proper Nutrition. Every one wants to lose weight, and everyone wants to get stronger, but there's more to it than just coming here 2-5 times a week and getting a good workout in. We educate our clients on proper nutrition habits and movement patterns because we know that 80-90% of results depends on what our clients are doing outside of the gym. If they don't eat the right way they won't lose weight, if they can't move properly they won't get stronger. A better life starts with fueling the body the right way and improving mobility. Weight loss and strength come once these two habits are implemented on a daily basis. If we can get our clients to be conscious of nutrition and mobility and make them a priority, they can accomplish any goal. 


Meet the Owners


Jay Duquette

Welcome to AdvantEdge Fitness! My name is Jay Duquette and I am super excited to be living my dream as a gym owner and personal trainer! Growing up I was a competitive hockey player, playing in high school right here in Shrewsbury at Saint John's High School. As hockey became competitive as I got older, off ice training in the gym became more and more important. I learned from great strength and conditioning coaches growing up about the importance of weight training and conditioning as it relates to sports and life in general. I learned about the intangibles at a very young age. Mental toughness, discipline, focus, commitment, work ethic, goal setting, and ambition are values I still carry with me today from my coaches throughout my hockey career. After my years at Saint John's I decided not to pursue hockey any further. Instead I went to Boston University to study Chemistry. After just a few weeks I decided this may not be the path for me and after finishing the year as an Economics Major, I decided to take some time off to figure out what I really wanted to do. I moved out on my own and had to pay the bills so I got a job, then I got another job. For the next 2 and a half years it was 80 hour weeks, saving money, and going to the gym. I discovered a real passion for health and fitness and decided that I would love to do something in the fitness industry. Shortly after, I met my business partner Joe Merchant at the gym I was going to and we started to workout together. Turns out we had a very similar story and very similar goals and dreams so we decided to go for it. After countless late nights studying, we finally passed the test and became Certified Personal Trainers through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Shortly after I got my specialization in weight loss because I know that if I can help people lose weight I can prevent countless health problems that they may be currently dealing with or may encounter down the road. Health is something that no one can afford to ignore and I am humbled to be able to contribute my knowledge to help mitigate such a prevalent issue in todays society. After receiving our certifications we started to think about the next step. The next 6 months were filled with research, planning, and eventually going for it! We found a spot, bought some equipment and made a commitment to make it work. It wasn't glamorous, but it was a start. We have been open and growing since November 9th, of 2015 and I could not be happier with our progress thus far. We have amazing clients, the gym is looking the way we want it, and the results keep coming. I wake up motivated each day because I know that we can be the driving force behind someone positively changing their life. If I can help get clients results in the gym, maybe that discipline will carry over into other aspects of their lives, the same way it did for me with my coaches growing up. I believe in continuous self improvement. I am never done learning, achieving or growing. I believe in the process and that is what I preach to my clients. Anyone can get better and I want to be there to support them every step of the way. 


Joe Merchant 

Hey, what’s up? I’m Joe Merchant and I’m an owner/trainer here at Advantedge Fitness. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read this and hopefully to continue checking out the rest of our website. I grew up in the small town of Rutland MA, so I’m not from this exact area. However I grew up playing soccer for Wachusett Regional High School and we competed against numerous schools around here including Shrewsbury High so I’m not a complete stranger to this area. Soccer had always been a constant factor in my life growing up. However exercising outside of practice and other things that didn’t directly involve my sport were also always a factor. I used to run miles when I wasn’t at practice and from a very young age I began strength training at an actual gym across the street from my house. It was a very small, dingy, strength training based type of gym. It barely contained any cardio equipment but it definitely wasn’t short on weights. I spent most of my high school years in that gym, both early mornings and late nights. I was by myself most of the time in the beginning. I was trying to get stronger. Eventually I began training with some of my friends. My motto was “TNDO” which stood for “taking no days off” and consistently training. I was never a partier or irresponsible kid and always stood my ground when it came to getting my training in. Throughout my high school years I also worked at multiple gyms up until I was in college. I learned about the business side as well as the personal training side of things and really got a feel for what it would be like to open my own facility. One thing led to another and when I wasn’t working at the gym I started training my friends one on one and giving out programs that allowed them to train properly, even when I wasn’t with them. Owning a gym was always something I’ve wanted to do and that mental image of having my own gym motivated me to take those no days off. All of my closest friends and family will back that up if you were to ask them. I had a plan but I needed someone that wanted to help me turn my plan into a reality. I was in the search for a business partner and trainer that had similar interests, talents, and goals as myself. Jay and I met at one of the gyms I used to work at and through talking which eventually led to training together, we soon learned that he would be the person I was looking for. We took the proper steps needed to get certified and legitimized. We began training clients on our own time without a real gym to call home. We trained at various other locations and eventually I had up to five clients or so. The inability to have them all in one place really made for a hectic schedule, especially since I was still working another job at the time. Then the time came and we knew it was right. We started looking for spaces to open our potential gym in and we came across 165 Memorial Drive, Shrewsbury MA. We knew it was the spot right away and we ordered all of our equipment. Now everyday we come to this place ready to help change peoples lives for the better. We don’t want to just make people healthier. We want to change people’s lives mentally as well. We want exercise to become a constant in their life and something they genuinely look forward to. So there you have it, I went from and old dungeon type of gym in my old hometown to now having my own facility with my partner Jay in a new town. Regardless of the change in scenery these days there is nothing different about me. I still have the  same “no days off” attitude and I always show up ready to go. We are always ready to work harder than ever to show our new clients and members that we care!